Some of the ‘Wonder Years’ TV show had filmed in Temple City, CA, where I grew up. It was very fitting. Although it has always been a small city by population, there has always been tremendous pride and representation. I have stayed in contact with so many people from Temple City online. As a kid, I played organized baseball (Little League and Babe Ruth) for seven years and Pop Warner football for five. We learned sports with fundamentals, repetition, and discipline to achieve a very successful win/loss record. I believe this experience had a huge influence on how I live my life today.

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Some of my best memories will always be of Live Oak Park, where we practiced and played Little League Baseball and Pop Warner Football. I’ve created a page for each of those within this website to preserve the memories of youth and to share with those who may want to revisit theirs.

After high school, I served in the U.S. Air Force and lived in Aspen, CO and then Honolulu, HI. I lived in Orange County since 1985 and enjoy my life with my wife and our dog, Abby.





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